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SBEP Summary

List of SBEP

SBEP #Short descriptionYearDispersionCombustion
V01'Russian' test2005+ 
V02FhICT baloon deflagration test2005 +
V03INERIS jet experiments2005+ 
V04FZK jet experiments2006+ 
V05GexCon muti-compartment experiments2006+ 
V06 ext.BAM experiments with LH22006+ 
V07Shell RS premixed experiments2006 +
V08KI combustion tube with end venting2006 +
V09 ext.FHICT experiments with DDT2006 +
V10HSL jet tests2007+ 
V11QRA-connected exercise (Tunnel)2007+ 
V12Tunnel (Groethe, et al.)2007 +
V13KI tests in RUT (Detonation)2007 +
V14Explosion with vent (Pasman et al)2007 +
V15QRA-connected exercise (comvustionof V11)2007 +
V16HSL / Shell dynamic tests H2-air for RS model2008 +
V17SNL free space & impinging jets2008 +
V18Vessel 10.3 m3 Whitehouse H2-air2008 +
V19Combustion tube with transverse venting2008 +
V20Swain test in garage with car2008+ 
V21CEA dispersion tests in garage2008+ 

SBEP Data Base

Summary of partners participation in SBEP simulations

V01 +++++ +  +++
V02  + + -  + + 
V03 +++++ +  +++
V04 +++   +  +++
V05 ++++  +  ++ 
V06  +          
V07 ++++ +  + + 
V08  + +    +   
V09  +        + 
V10 -++   -  +- 
V11  +--- -  + -
V12  ++- +  + - 
V13  + + +  +   
V14  +-- +  + --
V15 -+-     +   
V20          -  

Legend: intention to perform SBEP and ongoing SBEPs is to be marked by "-" and already simulated+submitted as "+".



Gallego E., Migoya E., Martín-Valdepeñas J.M., Crespo A., García J., Venetsanos A., Papanikolaou E., Kumar S., Studer E., Dagba Y., Jordan T., Jahn W., Hoiset S., Makarov D., Piechna J., "An intercomparison exercise on the capabilities of CFD models to predict distribution and mixing of H2 in a closed vessel”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 32 (2007) 2235 – 2245; doi: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2007.04.009


A.G. Venetsanos, E. Papanikolaou, M. Delichatsios, J. Garcia, O.R. Hansen, M. Heitsch, A. Huser, W. Jahn, T. Jordan, J.-M. Lacome, H.S. Ledin, D. Makarov, P. Middha, E. Studer, A.V. Tchouvelev, A. Teodorczyk, F. Verbecke, M.M. van der Voort, "An inter-comparison exercise on the capabilities of CFD models to predict the short and long term distribution and mixing of hydrogen in a garage", 2nd International Conference on Hydrogen Safety, September 11-13, 2007, San Sebastian, Spain.


Jordan, T., García, J., Hansen, O., Huser, A., Ledin, S., Middha, P., Molkov, V., Travis, J. Venetsanos, A., Verbecke, F., Xiao, J. "Results of the HySafe CFD Validation Benchmark SBEPV5". ICHS 2. Sept. 11-13 2007, San Sebastian, Spain.

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